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Welcome to My Practice
Christine Cooley
Family Health, NP PLLC

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Focused  on improving your Digestive & Liver  Health

In my experience,  I have discovered when people suffer with  gastrointestinal issues it affects EVERYTHING in their life. Issues can range from being uncomfortable to severe difficulties related to digestion.   My passion is bringing healing  and relief of symptoms. I work to find the cause of your discomfort and provide a treatment plan based on your personal needs. Taking care of people is just a natural part of my life and it ultimately contributes to my purpose!  I pride myself on providing results oriented  care with progress for  the patient.  My "micro-office" allows the one-on-one focus  to partner with you on your health journey.   I provide a greater understanding of your body and bodily functions which ultimately helps the patient  decipher  confusing , complicated issues. I am happy to partner with you to improved health.  

Areas of Expertise

Acute & Chronic Abdominal pain

Anal Pain

Anal Itch

Alcohol overuse & Alcohol liver disease

Anemia- low red blood cells

Bloating,Gas & Distention

Celiac Disease, Gluten allergy & intolerance

Clostridium Difficile-


Colon Cancer Screening






Elevated Liver Enzymes/ Fatty Liver

Hepatitis C screening & treatment

Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Nutrition Management & Weight Gain

Abnormal Weight Loss

Simple Testing 

Colon Cancer Screening

Fecal Invisible Blood Test to detect internal bleeding

Helicobacter Pylori Test

Food Allergy & Sensitivity Test

Hydrogen Breath Test to detect Bacterial Overgrowth

Fructose Breath Test to detect Fruit Intolerance

Sucrose Breath Test to detect Sugar Intolerance

Christine Cooley MS, FNP

Board-Certified Family  Nurse Practitioner 


Practice Location

 Downtown Troy across from the Dinosaur BBQ in the "Social Security" building:

500 Federal Street Suite 650

Troy New York 12180


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